1. Camera: Zero Image 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Unrecorded. Possibly Kodak Plus-X 125

    My fundraising campaign for Pinholes For Syria is nearing the $3000 dollar mark.  We’re almost there.

    Also, feel free to join the event on Facebook and follow along with news, photos, and other updates.

    As for this image, this is Arcadia Beach along the Oregon coast.  It’s the beach Wendi and were married on, so it holds some lovely significance. 

  2. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    In pinhole-related news I am taking part in a humanitarian project this June where I will be traveling to southern Turkey to work with Syrian refugee children teaching them art, specifically pinhole photography.  The program aims to work with high-risk youth who, due to being displaced by political violence in their home country, have lost anywhere from 1-2 years worth of schooling, threatening to affect their development for the rest of their lives.  The project is run through the Zeitouna Program which itself is part of the larger Karam Foundation, a humanitarian agency that works with Syrian refugees and displaced persons.  It stands to be a very challenging, stressful but extremely rewarding endeavor.  As the project is voluntary, I have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for travel, materials and other supplies for the classes I will teach.  If you want more information, please click the link below.  The two best ways to help are to make a donation toward my goal or even just to share the project within your own social networks.  All the little contributions really do add up and I am thankful for all the helped received.


  3. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    In the location of Natural Bridges in Samuel Boardman State Park.  This is a popular little location for photographers, generally because of the view to the south (which is impressive).  But on this stormy and moody day, I was more taken by this twisted island to the north.

  4. Camera: Vermeer 6x17 Omniscope pinhole
    Film: Fuji Acros 100

    About the only thing to make this camera even more fantastically mind-bending is to turn it on its side.

  5. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    Ok, one more sakura post from me.  I’ll be heading down the coast for a week so when I get back I should not only have some beach photos to share, but images from a new camera as well.  Meanwhile, if you are in Portland, the time for the cherry blossoms is now.

  6. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    It is officially cherry blossom time in Portland.  I was down there this past weekend and the blossoms are full on out now. I don’t know just how much time I’ll spend down there this year as I hit them pretty heavy last year and may need some time to recover.  But seeing as how I have a new camera to test out in the form of a curved plane 6x17 pinhole made by James Guerin, I think I may just have enough reason for a trip or two.  ;-)

  7. Camera: Vermeer 6x17 Omniscope pinhole
    Film: Ilford XP2

    An omniscope pinhole is a mind-bender.  Wrap your film around a cylinder, much like you would do with the standard oatmeal container pinhole, but unlike those cameras instead of placing the pinhole in the opposite wall from the film, you place it at the end of the cylinder.  So anything the pinhole is directly facing is in a blind spot.  Rather, the camera must be aligned at a severe angle to what you hope to photography.  And hope plays a large role in these things, let me tell you that.

  8. Camera: Zero Image 6x9Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    Spring will be springing soon.  Looking forward to pinholing some cherry blossoms again.

  9. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinhole
    Film: Kodak Ektar 100

    Last light of the day touches the Eiffel Tower.

  10. Camera: Innova 6x9 pinholeFilm: Kodak Ektar 100

    One way to deal with crowds is to bust out the pinhole.  A short 15 second exposure helps clear things up.